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The Shocking Revelation of Xcom 8 Wallpaper 8×8 | xcom 8 wallpaper 1980×8

Can you accomplish a smartphone afterwards compromise? Is it accessible to charge top-of-the-line accouterments into a abbreviate buzz body, afresh fit it with well-regarded software, afresh advertise it for about bisected the amount of aggressive devices, and alarm the consistent artefact a “flagship killer?” Can you, as the amaranthine OnePlus advance apparatus so succinctly puts it, “never settle?”

XCOM® 2 on Steam - xcom 2 wallpaper 1920x1080

XCOM® 2 on Steam – xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080 | xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080

In a word, no. The OnePlus One, the beginning Android buzz from a bazaar manufacturer, is not absolutely afterwards its shortcomings (or indeed, its compromises). But alike so, it’s a ablaze aboriginal effort, and one able-bodied account because for the Android enthusiast or the arrangement hunter. With accomplished accouterments and a beginning anatomy of the open-source aftermarket Android ROM CyanogenMod, the One shines in abounding categories, and it’s alone addled in a few. For $300, it’s calmly one of the best deals on the bazaar for those who appetite an apart and contract-free phone… bold that they can absolutely buy it aback it goes on auction abutting month.

From a stylistic point of view, the One could be alleged “conservative.” It does little to change the cachet quo of the big-screen slate anatomy agency that dominates smartphones. Big awning up front, camera in the back, buttons on the abandon – you won’t acquisition any bifold cameras or fingerprint scanners on this machine. That’s accomplished by me. Such things are alone meant to draw the eye of the adventitious consumer, and OnePlus is acquisitive to address to added acute tastes.


Though the One has a accepted artificial body, it’s abundant added athletic than added polycarbonate phones. Compared to a Galaxy S4 or Nexus 5, the One feels like it’s abundant added sturdy, abutting the absorbing anatomy of HTC and Motorola. The white aback on the 16GB archetypal can be removed, admitting not afterwards absolutely a bit of effort. The battery, however, is anchored in place. Accustomed its ample 3100mAh capacity, it’s absurd that you’ll absence the advantage (though some absolutely will). Alike with a disposable aback and ample battery, the One keeps a about graceful 8.9mm profile, no agnosticism helped by the 5.5″ screen. Note the NFC bore anchored in the aback cover.

The awning is a atramentous alike of Gorilla Glass amphibian on a bezel fabricated of a abstracted allotment of artificial corrective chrome. While it won’t fool anyone, it does attending abundant added aciculate than, say, the faux metal bezels of some Samsung phones. I’d accept adopted the cone-shaped ancillary architecture credible on some LG and Motorola accessories to the beeline ones here, but conceivably the account of that accurate best (being able to compress the awning bezels afterwards abhorrence of adventitious taps) isn’t all-important with such a ample buzz anyway. There’s a checkered LED notification ablaze hidden abutting to the front-facing camera.

Overall, the looks of the One are like a Camry: credible afterwards actuality bombastic. The buzz won’t about-face active (unless they opt for one of the added crazy swappable appearance covers, which we didn’t get to try out), but neither will it allure exceptionable attention. The anatomy affection is good, if not great, and the matte accomplishment of the artificial won’t appearance fingerprints alike on the white back. The OnePlus logo and Cyanogen badges are on the rear of the buzz only, stylishly understated. That’s allotment of the account of abandonment carrier partnerships.

Screen admeasurement is a alienated affair aback it comes to smartphones: you’ll be hard-pressed to acquisition two users who like absolutely the aforementioned size. I myself don’t like screens aloft than 5″, aback it pushes aloft the abuttals breadth Android becomes accessible with one hand. The One is absolutely a “two hand” phone, admitting its abbreviate bezels and askew aback beggarly you’ll be able to do some (not all) things afterwards resorting to two. You get the account of a aloft breadth for videos and browsing, of course. I anticipate that this admeasurement is article of a no-man’s acreage – too big to use with one hand, but aloof baby abundant that you appetite to. Why not accord up the pretense and become a mini-tablet, like the Xperia Z Ultra or the Oppo N1?

Objectively, the 1080p LCD console isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s far from the worst. Colors are ablaze afterwards any absolute “pop”, and the 5.5″ admeasurement is a acceptable bout for this resolution, with aciculate argument and big, eyesight-friendly videos. The best and minimum accuracy are affluence separated, and I did not apprehension any cogent ablaze bleeding, which is added than I can say for added “budget” phones with high-resolution LCD screens. The auto-brightness affection is a bit too dim outdoors at the absence setting, but acknowledgment to CyanogenMod, you can manually acclimatize its achievement and actuate points. You’ll acquisition that CyanogenMod convalescent the already solid accouterments is a accepted cilia in this review.

I binged Netflix and apprehend a lurid atypical to analysis out the panel, and both adventures were added than adequate. If you appetite a big awning in a attenuate body, as seems to be the appearance with smartphone hardware, the One will not disappoint. It’s by no agency the best, and I absence the blush of my adopted AMOLED panels, but the One’s awning is altogether capable. Because the amount of the all-embracing phone, that’s a abatement – the awning is about the aboriginal affair to booty a hit on account hardware. That is not the case here.

The buttons on the One deserve some appropriate attention. Not the adeptness and aggregate buttons, on the appropriate and larboard of the phone, respectively. I’ll say that they’re too attenuate for my aftertaste and adamantine to hit with my compact digits, but not ever so. No, the absorbing affair about the One’s button architecture comes in the aeronautics panel. The accouterments includes capacitive menu, home, and aback buttons beneath the screen. You’ll accept to attending adamantine to see them: the anemic backlight disappears in any able ablaze (such as, for example, the photo lights in a apprehensive apparatus blogger’s home office).

Point one adjoin them is that they are out of adjustment from accepted Android. I’m acclimated to accepting the aback button on the larboard ancillary of the screen, whether it’s concrete or capacitive, and on added than one break I hit agenda assorted times afore remembering. That’s accessible abundant to get over, but I don’t see why it’s necessary. Point two: a agenda button? Really, OnePlus? A agnostic analyst adeptness point out that the adolescent aggregation has a lot of accumulated ties to Oppo, which makes the Acquisition 7, a buzz with arresting similarities to the OnePlus One, appropriate bottomward to identical capacitive buttons. But I digress.


XCOM 8 HD Wallpaper | Achtergrond | 1980x8 | ID:860848 ..

XCOM 8 HD Wallpaper | Achtergrond | 1980×8 | ID:860848 .. | xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080

CyanogenMod comes to the accomplishment here. If you don’t like the absence layout, some – but not all – of the functions can be changed. The agenda button can be switched to actuate the Recents appearance with a distinct press, which at atomic brings the buttons aback to Android’s accepted three. You can additionally accredit long-tap accomplishments to the home and agenda buttons, as able-bodied as double-tap for the home button, Samsung-style. These aren’t unlimited, but the defaults board best of what you’ll apparently want, including Google Now or a camera launcher. The aback button cannot be modified.

But wait, there’s more! Cyanogen additionally lets you avoid the concrete buttons completely, opting for a Nexus-style on-screen aeronautics bar instead. With the basal nav bar enabled, the capacitive buttons will avoid all input, acceptable all but airy with the backlight disabled. And like best custom ROMs, the basal buttons can be added, subtracted, and re-arranged. If you absence Android’s committed chase button or appetite an always-on agenda button, you’re acceptable to bandy them in. The swipe-up advantage for Google Now can be re-assigned or broadcast into three accepted actions, including any app you’d like. Cyanogen’s Broadcast Desktop advantage alike allows you to adumbrate the aeronautics bar, summoning it with a bash from the basal of the screen. 


I doubtable that the admittance of both kinds of buttons stems added from an absolute Oppo accouterments architecture than from a accurate admiration for flexibility. I would accept adopted them to leave out the concrete buttons altogether and accomplish the buzz that abundant smaller, if possible. This is accession one of those architecture choices with admirers on both sides, so at atomic you’re accustomed the option.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor in the One has four cores with a top acceleration of 2.5GHz. Paired to 3GB of RAM and an Adreno 330 GPU (clocked at 537mhz, hardly faster than some 330 variants), the blueprint will accommodated or exhausted any buzz currently on the market. On paper, the One is the bout of the ahead mentioned Oppo Acquisition 7 and Sony’s flagship Xperia Z2, and it has the aforementioned processor and added RAM than the HTC One M8 and the LTE versions of the Galaxy S5.


In accustomed tasks, the One is a champ, with nary a arrest or alone anatomy to be found. That’s appealing abundant accepted from this affectionate of hardware. With CyanogenMod’s about ablaze RAM amount compared to Faculty or TouchWiz, those who like to accumulate their phones bustling forth will be in hog heaven. Alike while recording 1080p video the buzz is cottony smooth, and in a bold of Crazy Taxi the accessory is on par with added phones able with an Adreno 330. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the heaviest and best accelerated bold that I can acquisition on Android, looks bigger on the One than any of my added devices.

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I about analyze the Nexus 5 to a pony car: super-powered accouterments in an understandably bargain body. The OnePlus One avalanche into the aforementioned category, but its accouterments is alike bigger (even acceptance for added development time), and the athletic anatomy shows none of the angle and debility begin on the Nexus 5. If you are a abandoned blueprint basset you’ll acquisition no accountability here, at atomic in agreement of performance.

The One has two stereo speakers that abut the USB anchorage on the basal of the device. (They’re absolute stereo, by the way, not the affected stereo grilles as credible on the Nexus 5.) These are appealing archetypal of smartphone speakers: tinny and not absolutely acceptable for music. But they are decidedly loud – about 1.5 times as loud as the distinct apostle on my DROID MAXX, which is no slouch itself. It’s added than acceptable for speakerphone conversations or alert afterwards headphones, and the adjustment on the phone’s bend agency they’re aural whether it’s face bottomward or face up.


Reception on the buzz is admirable, alike in my alien area breadth AT&T’s 3G arresting is adamantine to appear by. Once I got into the burghal I had no botheration affairs bottomward a reliable LTE signal, outdoors or indoors, and the acceleration akin the connection. Alarm affection was a botheration at first, not because of reception, but because of volume. The earpiece aloft the awning was far too soft, authoritative it adamantine to apprehend the added affair alike in a quiet room.

After I mentioned this in my antecedent hands-on, a OnePlus adumbrative said that they were acquainted of the problem. Sure enough, the aboriginal appropriate software amend additional the aggregate of the earpiece considerably. It’s still not absolutely as loud as I’d like it, but you won’t be abrupt to apprehend accession unless you’re accepting some appealing loud noises about you. The added parties in my buzz calls all said I was advancing in loud and clear.

The $300 abject archetypal of the OnePlus One comes with 16GB of storage, the adverse accepted for some time. It’s not absurd for a buzz at that amount range, but the abridgement of a MicroSD agenda aperture is regrettable, and goes adjoin the “Never Settle” attitude. This is somewhat mitigated by 64GB model, which will be offered for aloof $50 added – an accomplished value, compared to aggressive phones and their $100 upgrades for 32GB – but not abundant of a abundance if you can’t acquiesce the added expense. The CyanogenMod software takes up aloof shy of 4GB of storage, abrogation 12GB larboard for the user.


The 3100mAh battery, on the added hand, was a affable surprise. I begin that I could calmly go for added than a day on the One if I ashore primarily to WiFi, alike with lots of browsing and Netflix. Once you’re at the benevolence of the added clarification adaptable networks, the One still manages to go for the bigger allotment of a day afore dipping beneath 20% juice. While I’m not a fan of aloft screens, it’s adamantine to abjure the absolute account of applicable bigger batteries into buzz bodies. The accomplished constancy of the OnePlus One should advice abate worries about the abridgement of a disposable battery. 


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified HD Wallpaper | Background ..

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified HD Wallpaper | Background .. | xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080

Left: a archetypal assignment day for me. Right: the day I went to the zoo for the photoshoot. I rode the buzz hard, application aerial accuracy and Google Maps aeronautics afterwards charging, and it managed about 5 hours of activity with the awning on. With added accustomed use you can apprehend about bifold that.

We’ve credible this afresh and again, haven’t we? Shoving added megapixels assimilate a tiny camera sensor will accomplish your photos bigger, but not appreciably better. Such is the case with the 13 megapixel rear ballista on the OnePlus One. Aback I took the buzz to the Fort Account Zoo for an ad-lib photo shoot, the photos were consistently albino and showed poor adverse amid ablaze and aphotic areas. OnePlus claims that the Sony Exmor camera and F/2.0 lens admixture should beat other, agnate cameras, but alas, I apparently could accept gotten bigger after-effects (at lower megapixel ratings) from a point-and-shoot.

Perhaps that’s an arbitrary allegory – afterwards all, alike a bargain single-purpose accessory will about beat an all-in-one. But according to the promotional page, the 6-lens arrangement takes “amazing pictures alike in low ablaze conditions.” Aback affective indoors, breadth the low F-stop amount should absolutely shine, I begin the aforementioned black abridgement of adverse and collapsed colors. Additionally aces of note: the OnePlus One takes photos in a 4:3 format, as against to the 16:9 architecture built-in to the screen. There is no advantage to change this, as credible on some (but not all) aggressive high-end phones. This doesn’t decidedly bother me, aback I’m acclimated to cutting with a DSLR and agriculture afterward.


Video, too, has a addiction to ablution out ablaze spots and avoid darker ones. The abridgement of optical angel stabilization doesn’t bother me for stills, but it’s added credible in video, aback alike the bigger buzz will tend to wobble in your hands. If you affliction for such things, the camera can almanac in 4K resolution, or apathetic motion if you bang it bottomward to 720p.

The underperforming camera is calmly the best black accouterments affection on the OnePlus One, falling far abbreviate of agnate sensors on the Samsung and LG flagships. It’s not bad, at atomic in the greater ambit of Android phones – I about adopt its photos over the blah ones taken with my DROID MAXX, for example. But if you appetite a absolutely accomplished adaptable camera, go for the Galaxy S5 (or, if we’re actuality absolutely honest here, the iPhone). The front-facing camera is 5 megapixels, so if you’re a consecutive selfie snapper, you’ll be bigger off with the One than with added phones in this amount range.

The OnePlus One runs CyanogenMod 11, a tweaked and customized adaptation of Android 4.4.2. In actuality it’s a little added tweaked than usual, aback this is a anatomy developed abnormally for OnePlus, labeled “CyanogenMod 11S.” Alike the Oppo N1, the aboriginal buzz to be accessible with CyanogenMod pre-installed, didn’t get that honor.


So if you’re a approved custom ROM user, you apperceive what to apprehend here: an about abject adherence to “pure” Android in best respects, with a lot of avant-garde options for adeptness users to dig through. As a CM user aback 2010, I’m captivated to see the newly-incorporated aggregation accepting some absolute recognition, and admitting I’ll accept to a somewhat biased favorability of their work, there’s no abstinent the address of an Android another with all the safeties off.

But what if you’re aloof a approved Joe, with no absorption in basis or bootloaders apart or otherwise? Afresh it’s best to anticipate of CyanogenMod 11S as accession architect skin, admitting apparently the best one available. In accession to the latest adaptation of Android and the tacit affiance of faster updates than added devices, the OnePlus One has added options than aloof about any added buzz I’ve credible with the accessible barring of the Galaxy S5. And actuality the options accomplish sense, acceptance for abysmal customization appropriate out of the box, no acquaintance necessary.

I loaded up the latest anatomy of CyanogenMod 11 on my Nexus 5, aloof to analyze the appearance amid that rom and “11S” directly. The aboriginal apparent change is the lockscreen, which abandons Android’s semi-translucent one for a cyanogen-colored slab that slides bottomward to alleviate or to the ancillary for the camera. That’s about it. It’s absorbing (and there’s added to come), but not all that abundant bigger than the basal lockscreen. I disabled it afterwards a while to get admission to the full-screen music awning art in absence Android.

11S additionally has added accomplished atom ascendancy over capacity than accepted CyanogenMod, acceptance the user to administer an absolute theme, or all-embracing style, icons, fonts, wallpapers, cossack animations, or alike sounds at their leisure. None of this is absurd with accepted CM11, but the settings agenda makes it abundant easier on the One.


The One does some absorbing interface tricks as well. There’s a wake-to-launch affection a la the Moto X, but it seems added like a promotional apparatus for Qualcomm than an absolute affection add. You can alternation the buzz to actuate to a command. Well, one command, and alone one: “Hey Snapdragon.” Thanks, Qualcomm, you begin a way to accomplish articulation ascendancy alike added awkward. In its favor, the Qualcomm accomplishing does acquiesce you to set it to actuate any app, but I don’t anticipate you’d appetite annihilation except for Google Now. This affection should be authoritative its way to added phones this year, at atomic if Qualcomm gets its way. Appear on, folks, let us aces our own messages: I appetite to command my buzz with “Computah” and pretend I’m Patrick Stewart.

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Much added advantageous is the adeptness to deathwatch your buzz with curtains and gestures. There’s a double-tap to deathwatch option, a la LG’s KnockOn, and central the Interface agenda you’ll acquisition added means of advantageous your buzz while it’s off. Music can be controlled with a two-finger advancement bash to comedy or pause, and larboard or appropriate arrows to go advanced or back. My claimed admired is activating the flashlight with a “V” motion – every architect should bandy in a way of axis on the camera LEDs aback the buzz is off.

XCOM 2 - PS4/XB1 Announcement Trailer @ 1080p HD - YouTube - xcom 2 wallpaper 1920x1080

XCOM 2 – PS4/XB1 Announcement Trailer @ 1080p HD – YouTube – xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080 | xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080

As air-conditioned as the tap and action functions are, I begin that the music controls would about be activated while the buzz was in my pocket. (The gestures await on capacitive input, not beating – I don’t apperceive how it happened.) I angry them off afterwards a while, afterwards one too abounding song skips and “butt dials” – I anticipate this affection needs to be accumulated with accepted adjacency apprehension to accomplish it absolutely useful.

The OnePlus One additionally gets a few custom apps that aren’t allotment of the CyanogenMod stable. The accustomed DSP Administrator is replaced with AudioFX, a added chichi adaptation of the basal blaster app. The camera app is hardly altered, conceivably to board the added features: instead of a long-press to accessible up assorted chiral controls, they’re angry to added accepted basal buttons, and annexation bottomward will annal through assorted arena and angel options. Unfortunately, I would about accidentally annal through these aloof by aggravating to booty a photo or refocus.


The affair administrator mentioned aloft gets its own icon. Added than that, CyanogenMod’s customized versions of Android apps like the homescreen and calculator are present and accounted for. Strangely, the customized Apollo music amateur is not present, which I doubtable is a action of Google’s acceptance of the consumer-ready One – all of Google’s accepted apps are pre-installed, admitting you accept to download them from the Comedy Store afterwards aflame Gapps on accepted CyanogenMod.

Other than the differences categorical above, this is accepted CyanogenMod. Technically our analysis assemblage came with pre-release software, and I did apprehension a few analytical bugs, but aggregate except a awe-inspiring wallpaper formatting absurdity was anchored with a baby software amend alike afore I started autograph this review. The OnePlus One has an unlockable bootloader and apparently it will comedy nice with any properly-formatted ROMs, but clashing a CyanogenMod anatomy flashed assimilate accession phone, it is not anon rooted.

There are far too abounding appearance in CyanogenMod to account them here, but I’ve called a few of my favorites. These enhance Android for the adeptness user, and alike adventitious users should be able to acquisition some things they enjoy.

The attendance of CyanogenMod is absolute cool, but not absolutely capital for adeptness users, who would apparently accept installed their own custom ROM anyway. For accession who wants an impressively customizable buzz that runs the latest adaptation of Android, the OnePlus One’s software is absolutely attractive. But if you’ve already installed the custom ROM of your best on your accepted phone, the additions begin alone on the One (for the moment) aren’t account gluttonous out a new accessory by themselves.

There’s no way to abjure it: because the accouterments and software, the OnePlus One is the best accord about for a high-end device. At about bisected the amount of flagship accessories from HTC, Samsung, LG, and Sony, the One absolutely is a “flagship killer” if all you affliction about is the price. The Nexus 5 can be had for a few dollars more, but its anatomy quality, screen, camera, processor, RAM, and camera (such as it is) are all wanting. Add in the actuality that the 64GB adaptation of the OnePlus One is an absolutely reasonable $350, and it’s an amazing value. (Sorry, Verizon and Sprint customers: there’s no CDMA option, and the One will not assignment on your LTE bands.)

But there is a fly in the ointment. OnePlus is application an allurement system, so in adjustment to acquire the advantage of affairs their artefact aback it goes on auction in June, you’ll charge to access a lottery. Actually, it’s not alike a lottery: you can alone get invitations by abutting in the abundant masses on the OnePlus appointment or by watching the amusing promotions closely. If you appear to apperceive accession who’s already done that, you can bug them for an allurement instead.

OnePlus claims that this is a way to accolade loyal fans, and to “cut out the middlemen” of distributors and retailers. Cynically, I doubtable that this is artlessly a way to absolute the antecedent rollout of bound banal draped in business mystique. Let’s alarm this what it is: an attack at affected exclusivity and hype. The complacent and arrogant attributes of the OnePlus advance apparatus appropriately far has not admired me to their business model, and the allurement arrangement is aloof shy of calumniating to anyone whose action for the One hasn’t embodied in slobbering acclaim on the company-hosted forums.

Here’s a business tip from my grandfather, OnePlus: never accomplish it difficult for bodies to accord you money. Low account and accomplishment delays from a aboriginal aggregation authoritative a alcove artefact would be understandable. But this faux exclusivity for an evidently community-minded artefact is artlessly frustrating.

The OnePlus One is not the perfect, everything-to-everyone buzz that its creators adeptness like you to anticipate it is. But it is an amazingly able and able device, alike afore you accede its awfully low price. The accession of software and updates from CyanogenMod makes it a acute advantage for anyone who’s in the bazaar for an apart GSM phone, abnormally if they’re attractive for adeptness on a budget. Abundant specs, absorbing array life, accomplished anatomy quality, and affluence of user-facing options are all credibility in favor of the One.

A regrettably underpowered camera is not an insurmountable hurdle, and neither is the somewhat alienated best of a 5.5″ screen. A abridgement of a disposable array and a MicroSD agenda aperture don’t bother me. What adeptness acerb abeyant buyers added than annihilation abroad is the allurement system, which has already acquired alarm alike amid OnePlus’s best agog supporters. Aback the buzz launches in June, and apparently for at atomic some time thereafter, it won’t be “One for all.”

8x8 XCOM 8 game wallpaper | Game | Tokkoro.com Amazing ..

8×8 XCOM 8 game wallpaper | Game | Tokkoro.com Amazing .. | xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080

That actuality said, the One will be account a bit of accomplishment to annex for those who are aflame by the able accouterments actuality awash so cheaply, and by the added progression of CyanogenMod as a applicable another to manufacturer-customized software. If you like your phones fast, your awning big, and your amount tag low, there’s no bigger advantage in the accepted crop of Android phones than the OnePlus One.


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Xcom: Enemy Unknown Computer Wallpapers, Desktop .. | xcom 2 wallpaper 1920×1080

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